What is an awakened life?
We are living an awakened life every moment we commit to deeply explore the challenges of our lives with curiosity and compassion. We live with more courage when we realize that our essential nature is never diminished by our experience of circumstances, relationships, thoughts and feeling states. We find peace when we realize that the source of our being is the ever-present and unconditioned awareness we were born with.
We learn how to hold suffering in love when we consciously abide in our true home, our essential nature. Then we’re no longer held hostage by the pain of loneliness, depression, anxiety, trauma, consumerism and addiction. Living with more equanimity, we engage in life from our deepest values. We feel free to discover and offer our unique voice as an authentic expression of being.
Living an awakened life, we are committed to freeing ourselves from the trance of compulsive thinking and the burden of beliefs. We vow to become more conscious of the karmic stream of family and collective conditioning that dims the light of awareness.
As we awaken we’re inspired by the recognition that the source of our being is the same for everyone. Living in the present moment, we feel more alive in communion with our world.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
The Awakened Life™ by Hollye Hurst. All Rights Reserved
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